Rihanna’s Luxury Fashion Brand for LVMH

by HULA , March 1, 2019

With Kim Kardashian having 4 times the amount of followers Louis Vuitton has (129 million vs 30 million) and the chase to copy celebrity fashion by fast fashion brands as feverish as ever, it’s the age of influence, with celebrities having the power to dictate what we wear and buy more than ever. That’s why it comes as almost no surprise that LVMH chose to launch a new brand with Rihanna. The collaboration and business venture has sparked a lot of speculation and debate, here is what we know so far:

  • Rihanna has invested much of her own money into the venture and will be a 49.99 percent shareholder via her company Denim UK Holdings
  • This is the first brand LVMH has launch since it did so with Christian Lacroix in 1987
  • The brand will hire directly from Louis Vuitton and Celine

What we don’t know is how the actual line is going to look, but we can’t wait to see. Check out our favourite looks of Rihanna below – maybe they will give us some hints of what her brand would look like? 

Picture source: Harper’s Bazaar

Article source: W Magazine