BBC Earth on Sustainable Fashion

by HULA , February 22, 2019

At the tense time in the UK came a fashion week that doesn’t shy away from conversations on difficult topics, however subtly or obviously, both on and off the runway. The week has seen the launch of a short film by BBC Earth in collaboration with Mother of Pearl on the social and environmental impacts of fashion, as well as a protests blockading the streets on the same topic by environmental group Extinction Rebellion. Of the film, The Telegraph describes that it aims to do for fashion what Blue Planet has done for plastic. At 3 minutes, we think it gives one a quick overview of fashion’s social and environmental impacts, but for a more in-depth perspective, we think The True Cost gives the most information – plus it is intensely gripping! Nevertheless, it is uplifting to see a growing awareness of fashion’s impact on the environment. Check out the film and read more about it here!

Source: Standard UK