Trends Fashion Insiders Want To See in 2019

by HULA , February 15, 2019

Trends come and go… but there are definitely some we wish would just stay put. What trends do some of Hong Kong’s top fashion opinion leaders hope to see hang around and thrive in 2019? We asked, and they told!


Kim Kollar, Fashion Director at #Legend

“I’d like to see Power Suits get a revival. I think we are ready for them again. Also I’d like to see the long maxi dress trend stick around – it radiates modern romance!”

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Rosie Lai, Fashion Editor at Hong Kong Tatler

“I’d say statement flats/ kitten or block heel. As a tall-ish Asian woman trying to maneuver the narrow streets of Hong Kong, I’m grateful for the designers who make beautiful shoes I can run from appointment to appointment in. I hope the six-inch killer stiletto doesn’t come back in style any time soon!”

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Lucia Tait Tolani, Personal Stylist and Interior Decorator

“I’d like to see modest dressing continue to pick up steam. After a long cycle of ‘naked’ dresses, crop tops, and the like, a mid-calf skirt and/or a high neck blouse just feels fresh and versatile to me. It’s also inclusive for many ages, regions, religions, professions, etc. However, I fully support a woman’s decision to show as much or as little skin as she chooses.”

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Asma Charles, Fashion Stylist at Louis Vuitton

“I’d love to keep the trends of feathers and fringes, and gathered and ruched sequin dresses. I also want to see anything tailored and checkered stay: but that might be dying… And of course velvet! I’m an eternal sucker for velvet.”

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Sena Husband, Fashion Stylist

“I would love for the current spirit of pursuing longevity in clothes to continue, so we can all continue to invest in pieces instead of going through trends every season!”

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EJ Kim, Co-founder of K-Style Lab 

“I hope the minimalism style — 90’s Yohji Yamamoto, Jil Sander — is here to stay. I like that it has a kind of absolute purity and detox effect about it.  I like exoticism and orientalist styles to stay too (think Kenzo’ s jungle print or Etro’s vibrant colors enhanced with their paisley patterns). I love the look of Mode ‘Tailleur’ as well and I hope the trend would stay! A real ensemble – jacket and pants/skirt – making up a neat suit look like in the 80’s/ beginning of 90’s.”

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Grace Lam, Fashion Stylist

“I would love the socks with shoes trend to stay as I’ve been wearing all sorts of fun ankle socks with heels/flat/trainers for many years.  I buy all my socks from Japan as they have the best selection!”

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Rebecca McGeoch, Fashion Stylist & Blogger

“2018 saw the return of hair accessories and I would love for that to stay! Logo-ed hair slides as seen at Gucci and Chanel are just so chic. I would love to see this trend continue and align more with the minimalist trend.”

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Lindsay Edwards, Buyer at Miu Miu

“I love the geek chic style that Gucci made popular and I hope it stays! I think with my background in avant garde fashion working with Comme des Garçons, I like things that are anti-establishment and a little bit chaotic, so that’s why I love the mixed prints and clashing colors that I see last season. Unexpected and strange but for me, that’s very cool. I hope to see more of the high-waisted silhouette too – some people don’t think it’s the most flattering cut, but I think it looks really cool in a vintage way. You could either tuck into high-waisted pants a jersey top or pair it with a little sweater, or you could also tuck in a beautiful silk blouse and give it more of an evening feel. I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of the above trends in 2019!”

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