Better Together: Justine & Raphael

by HULA , February 8, 2019

We love festive days because they are excuses to celebrate the people we love most in our lives, and Valentine’s Day is probably our favorite. We know that love is universal, yet no two relationships are the same, so we talked to 6 of the coolest couples we know to learn more about their courtships, their quirks, and how two people decide to keep choosing each other every day.

Justine Lee & Raphael Holzer. She’s the Fashion Director at Hong Kong Tatler, and he’s the founder of Italian Bitters brand Fernet Hunter.

How did you guys meet?

J: We met at our mutual friends’ house, Raph added me on Facebook and then a couple months later, I said Happy Birthday and we agreed to get drinks together. Our first date was 7 hours long, we had drinks at restaurant, until it closed, and we moved to another bar and kept talking.

What was the most memorable date you had?

J: Going on trips! From friends’ weddings – Kimi and Kevin’s wedding in Guam, when Raph taught me how to snowboard in Niseko, and Siargao to surf.

Raph, what was the most memorable outfit you ever saw Justine in and how did you react?

R: Justine wore a pretty cool jumpsuit for the Tatler Ball last year, it was really sparkly. She also has a pair of stripper heels

J: Clarification-  they’re blue Vetements platforms with stars on them)

Do you, Justine wear Raph’s clothes, if so what is your favourite piece to throw on?

J: Not really, I end up swimming in Raph’s XL clothes, but I borrowed his belt recently. Raph’s borrowed my Vetements rain jacket, it’s SUPER oversized on me, but it fits him perfectly.

Favourite TV series to binge-watch together?

R: We finished Final Table recently.

If you had to describe your partner as a popular fictional character / celebrity / animal who or what would it be?

J: Raph would be a giraffe.

R: Justine would be a leopard.

If your partner was a cocktail / drink what would he/she be?

J: Raph would be a Hunter Hi (A Fernet Hunter cocktail… duh lol).

R: Justine would be a Speculoos Milkshake.

What is the one secret to keeping your relationship healthy and loving with each other?

R: We support each other in every situation and we don’t criticise each other for our mistakes. 

J: Raph brings me cookies from his travels, he takes our dog Rhea for almost all the morning walks (so I can sleep in).