Better Together: Grace & Jason

by HULA , February 1, 2019

We love festive days because they are excuses to celebrate the people we love most in our lives, and Valentine’s Day is probably our favorite. We know that love is universal, yet no two relationships are the same, so we talked to 5 of the coolest couples we know to learn more about their courtships, their quirks, and how two people decide to keep choosing each other every day.

Grace Lam & Jason Capobianco: They are married with a young son named Theo. She’s a fashion director & stylist and he’s a photographer. 

How did you guys meet?

G: We met in Hong Kong at the Vogue China HK office when Jason came to show me his photography portfolio. He was shooting HK’s renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat when a mutual friend suggested we meet.

Jason, what was the most memorable outfit you ever saw Grace in?

J: When Grace dressed up as a Christmas Tree and sent me a photo.  She was walking around HK in a massive 3D Christmas tree costume.  I wish I saw people’s reaction.  She really doesn’t mind taking the piss out of her self… it’s a Brit thing.

Jason seems to be the chef in the family — Grace, what is the best and worst thing Jason has cooked for you?

G: Best dish:  Pickled lychee with smoked pork belly with chilli and marinated ginger.  Worse dish:  Yet to come haha.

What is your favourite quality about your partner?

G:  He is super calm, easy going, an amazing cook and he also loves Formula One racing which is a bonus!  

J: She makes me laugh a lot, a very kind hearted person but nuts at the same time.  I love her Bruce Lee spirit when it comes to helping others.

You both often work together — is it always smooth flowing? What is the best and worst thing about working together?

G: Best thing is we see eye to eye and have similar taste and vision in many ways.

J:  The worst — Grace has no patience so she wants everything now now now… whereas I like to take my time to master a task.

Where is your favourite shared holiday destination / hangout and why?

J: We love Japan and we want to retire in Kyoto… one day!  We love art and we are both foodie.  We love people with good manners and humble so Japan is perfect for it.

What is the most annoying thing  about your partner?

J:  Grace is a germophobe and she loves her post-it notes! Both are equally annoying.   

J:  When he doesn’t listen and I have to repeat myself again and again especially when it comes to ‘To Do List’ haha.

What is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you?

G:  I flew from HK to Sydney to surprise him on his 40th birthday.  Jason had zero idea!

J:  When I bought her a coffee at Pacific Coffee in HK and told her ‘You are the only woman I ever want to have a child with’ and then she spat the coffee all over my face.

 How has having a child made your relationship different. Are there qualities you have seen that you didn’t know existed prior to having a child?

G: Having a child is the hardest thing ever.  The beauty of having a child is that you share every good/bad experience together as a family.  As a couple we have less time to ourselves because we are very hands-on parents even though we have a nanny.  We are a super organized family (with the help of my post-it-notes everywhere).  Luckily we have the same vision when it comes to ways of bringing up our son which is great! Since having a child I’ve also discovered that Jason has so much knowledge when it comes to everything! it is very useful but also annoying because many times he is usually ‘right’ about stuff haha.

G: After having Theo I noticed Grace is a lot more motherly than I expected, and because she is so organized, things are less stressful on a day to day basis. She is great at multi tasking too. 

Describe your partner in 3 words

G: Amazing, patient, clever.

J: Funny, fierce, loving.

What is the one secret to keeping your relationship healthy and loving with each other?

G & J: By having a wicked laugh about everything!  It’s the only way.

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