Lucky red outfits for February

by HULA , January 25, 2019

With Chinese New Year and Valentine’s around the corner, February is a month which calls for a distinctive red outfit. Whether it is for a family gathering or a date with a lover, donning some lucky reds always bring some extra joy to the table. Here, we gathered some of our favourite options.

Red Dress to Celebrate Joy
Red is the colour of celebration and love — a red dress amongst loved family members could mean prosperity and joy, yet the same dress under the candlelight could radiate flirtatiousness. Whatever the occasion, a red dress is sure to turn heads.

Halston Heritage


Red Bags for All the Red Envelopes
What better to chuck your red packets in than a beautiful red bag. Perfect to finish a top to toe red look or worn as an accent against a contrast colour. Wait, does that mean the bigger the bag the more lucky envelopes you might receive?! 


Red Shoes for Magical Moments
Ruby slippers aren’t just for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz but you could click your heels under the dinner table for some magic to happen. If you are not wearing red for the rest of your outfit, try putting on a lipstick a similar shade to your shoes to complete the look.

Red Outerwear to Make a Statement
Red outerwear is perfect for instant statement-making looks. Throw on a red leather jacket over jeans and t-shirt for a casual but memorable look, or an all over crimson coat and let the world know you are here! 

Red Knits for a Cozy Night In

Feeling chilly right now? A red knit is perfect for a cozy family gathering or a home cooked meal. Paired with a midi skirt or jeans, a cozy sweater could take you from lunch-time chatter to board games later on the couch, plus hide the four course meal you have just eaten!