Authenticity Assurance

by HULA , July 31, 2017
  • Authenticity

HULA are dedicated to collecting and curating authentic designer pieces, so you can have the best edit at your fingertips.

We exercise a Zero tolerance policy for counterfeit goods for numerous reasons;

  • We respect the brands we sell and wish to keep their reputation and intellectual property in-tacked
  • We want to help preserve the field of design and craftsmanship
  • The profits of counterfeit product usually subsidise illegal crimes which are tied to human trafficking and slave labour
  • Building a mutual trust and Positive Customer Experience are at the core of what HULA strives for each day

HULA will only accept for listing on the Website authentic new or pre-owned luxury goods and will not accept the listing of fake or counterfeited merchandise of any kind.

Apart from the fact that HULA sellers are “by invite only” industry insiders and referrals, we apply 3-step approach to each product offered for sale on HULA website to ensure authenticity;

Step 1.  Once each item for sale is submitted, we would undergo rigorous authentication process that includes request for submission of original proof of purchase (if available), inspection of details such as but not limited to brand stamps, serial numbers, stitching and hardware before the item is uploaded on the website.

Step 2. Before any sold item is shipped from our showroom, we would undergo another round of authentication and condition check.

Step 3. Payment to the original seller is withheld for 30-60 working days until the buyer receives the purchased item and is satisfied with the item, including authenticity.

In addition to above, HULA would also work with professional external authenticators and select luxury brands for further assurance of authenticity.

If any sellers are caught selling or trying to sell counterfeit products on our site, will be immediately struck off from selling on HULA.

In the event that you suspect an item you have purchased is a counterfeit, please email us at [email protected] for a free pick-up.

However, please note that original HULA security tag must be intact for each item and returned within the specified period. In the event that a returned item is indeed a counterfeit, HULA will issue a full refund with additional privileges such as store credits as our way of expressing our sincere apologies.

To honour our Zero tolerance policy for counterfeit goods, HULA are prepared to cooperate fully with relevant local authorities and brands to further investigate the source of counterfeit items, including releasing the details of sellers and returners of counterfeit.