New Year’s Resolutions from the Women Who Inspire Us

by HULA , January 4, 2019

New year’s resolutions are probably good reminders for not just the new year, but any other new day, but the coming of a fresh annum always motivates us to see if we are on track with our goals, and if we could adjust any habits which could improve our craft, or simply the quality of a life well-lived. With that in mind, we asked a few women who inspire us, who also happen to be our past Style Insiders, what their new year’s resolutions are and what they wish to keep in mind for 2019. Onwards and upwards to a fulfilling new year!

Thierry Chow – Feng Shui Master

In general, in 2019, I wish to live in the moment and be joyful always. My personal resolution is to finally launch my modern Feng Shui brand, it’s been in the work for a couple years and will definitely make it happen in 2019. Another one would be to meditate more and learn more about vegetarian / vegan eating. I hope to see more inventions and projects done on helping the environment. I also wish to see more protection laws in Hong Kong and around the world protecting animals.

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Jing Zhang – Prestige, & SCMP

In 2019 I wish to get into regular meditation – I’ve done it on and off for a few years but never regularly enough for a big impact. Buy another property. Fix up my place in Budapest. Read more fiction books, watch less Netflix. Less social media and more personal writing. “Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself. If all it does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying.” – these are wise words by Simone de Beauvoir. This will be my sentiment for 2019: perpetuate & surpass, for pure maintenance is of no interest to me.

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Gemma Hayden-Blest – Floral Artist and Set Designer

I’ve been reading quite a lot on manifesting and my New Years resolution is to put it to practice this year. Playing an active role in co-creating things I want to come true by clearly visualising them.
A reduction in single use plastics and stricter regulations on the hormones and chemicals used to grow food produce. Lastly to watch more sunsets than Netflix!

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Hayden Blest


Kayla Wong – Founder of Basics for Basics

In 2019, I hope see marriage equality in Hong Kong. Personally, I wish to have better time management, and the thing I want to keep in mind for the year is something I always keep in mind: above all, love comes first!

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Back To Basics

Vivienne Tang – Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Destination Deluxe

My new year’s resolution is to stop worrying. I think like many other people I tend to create scenarios in my head which never really happen. I want to be better at accepting what is. This year I also want to remember to stay true to my values and to have very clear boundaries. I think to change the world, we have to change ourselves first. I hope that everyone can have more compassion for themselves and other people. And I hope that more people spend time in self-reflection or meditation. 

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Angie Lau – Founder, CEO, Editor-In-Chief Forkast.News

Time is a gift.  To use it with the greatest care is something I’d like to focus on this year. Every moment is an opportunity to move closer to goals, learn, strengthen bonds, share with family, and cherish our child, for my little boy is a living reminder that time flies too quickly. 

In 2019, I wish to see in the world greater understanding.  I believe knowledge and understanding empowers us all, and it has the power to dissolve fear, doubt and suspicion. I’ll do my best to contribute, and live by the words “ be the change you want to see in the world”!

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Alexa Bui – Makeup Artist

My personal resolution for 2019 sounds cheesy but it is to do something good for someone else every day, and learn to appreciate the small things. What I wish for the world is again cheesy, but world peace would be nice.

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Rebecca McGeoch – Stylist and Fashion Blogger

I am four months pregnant with my second child, a baby girl. So my New Years Resolution is to slow-down. I want to enjoy the next 5 months with my son as my only child. Morning cuddles, school runs, lots of time at the park, and reading to him at night, all before welcoming the new addition.

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Diane Younes – Founder of Sponge

The plan is to be able to do things at the end of 2019 that I was not capable of doing twelve months prior. My resolution is to be as strong as I can be – both mentally and physically. I want to push Sponge’s growth to the fullest by thinking outside the box and getting further outside my comfort zone. And I started CrossFit in late 2018 so I can get stronger physically. I plan on competing in a few competitions in 2019.

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Lucia Tait Tolani – Personal Stylist and Interior Decorator

I have too many new year’s resolution as per usual! Continuing to refuse single-use plastics plus reducing plastics as a whole, investing more in vintage and gently used fashion, beginning to meditate and finally learning Celsius (as an American in Hong Kong I haven’t really grasped the temperature for years!)

Gloria Yu – Sustainability Consultant and Editor

This is something I am stealing from a Snoopy comic, but I want to enjoy the little moments more, because really they are the big moments. My childhood and upbringing has been very achievement-focused – scores, title on a CV etc. and while that brings about a certain work ethic and discipline, it also at times diverts my focus from things which matter more – meaningful connections with loved ones, spending time in nature and sports, and just… play! Ironically and counterintuitively, I think a better balance in focus as such is also better for achieving career goals in the long run. So staying in the present, making every moment the best it could be – that’s how I want 2019 to be.

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Jasmine Smith – Founder of Raven + Rose Lingerie
Practice the art of getting bored. Put down my iPhone, ignore Social Media & allow for time to do nothing but enjoy a day-dream like state of creativity. I love subtle confidence – whether it is in your sexuality, your parenting style or your political opinions.  I’d love to see people believe in themselves more without the need to aggressively broadcast their personal truths.  There is a strength in quiet confidence that this world needs more of. One word resonates for me this year: Patience.

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