The Best New Year’s Eve Dresses are Here

by HULA , December 21, 2018
What do you want your first look of 2019 to be like? That’s the question you should get answered ASAP if you want to have a look at all. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a hit list of the best New Year’s Eve dress options. Waltz into the new year in style!

Go Metallic

Shine on for a bright future. Not only is metallic festive and celebratory, it also helps light up the dance floor. Try a drapey style for a more effortless look, and a structured one for an edgy one.
The little black dress works for any occasion, as we know. Although they are often counted as a wardrobe essential, they aren’t necessarily basic. Find modern takes in styles with unusual necklines or interesting fabrications. Even if your LBD is minimal, spice it up with statement jewellery or makeup — and you’re good to dance your way into the new year.
Wear a Gown
A night that’s a little formal? Go for the full length gown. From graceful, flowy numbers to structured, jewel tones ones, pick something that emulates the best version of yourself as welcome the new year and new you in.
Life’s a Beach
Going somewhere tropical or south of the equator for the big count down? Find something easy, breezy and beach friendly in long, flowy dresses or numbers fashioned out of light-weight fabrics. Lucky you for getting a tan while the rest of us freeze!
Sequins Sequins Sequins!
5 years after the release of Scott Fitzgerald classic turned movie Great Gatsby, we are still not tired of roaring 20s inspired fashion of sequins aplenty. After all, the fictional tycoon is known for creating the party of parties. Indulge in 20s inspired glamour and get ready to have a jolly good time, old sport.