The Chicest outerwear out there

by HULA , December 21, 2018


Baby it’s getting cold outside! Time to wrap yourself up like a chic burrito. Balancing warmth, comfort and style is a challenge at times, but the following outwear styles will prove that with the right coat and styling, it is a piece of cake to look fabulous in winter. Also remember, layering is your friend – not only does it create air insulation in between layers, it also adds a style element to your look. Pair a coat with a sweater or cardigan underneath to maximize both style and warmth!

The Statement

Can’t put this coat into any category accept that it deserves special attention? The highlight of your outfit doesn’t need to fall on your jewelry or dress – sometimes a coat could be so delightful in its silhouette or fabrication it should be the center of attention. And let it be by pairing with a neutral outfit or in a tone complimentary to the coat’s color.

The Woven Co

Tweed, herringbone, plaid – these woven outwear were once favourites for hunting, fishing, riding. They still are – but for running around in the city as well. With the fabric’s traditional aesthetics, it’s good to contrast a woven wool coat with something more current – a sequined cocktail number perhaps — for a more modern take on styling an outerwear classic.

The Trench

The trench never gets out of style. Whether it is pairing it with a nice midi dress or full pants and turtle neck, the classic British staple will always add a dash of timeless elegance to your look.

The Bright Coat

Many don’t want to attempt wearing a bright colored number for fear it might overwhelm the whole look. But then again, why not? Let your coat be the highlight by pairing it with neutral outfit such as a simple pair of jeans and tee shirt, and add an extra dose of cosiness by layering it with a big scarf. Bright colors need not be only left for the summer!

The Camel Coat

A camel-hue intrinsically gives off a note of elegance and quite sophistication that other colors don’t. Falling into the neutral category, it’s easy to pair with most colors as well. Try a head-to-toe neutral tone look to give off a fair share of understated elegance.

The Black Coat

You could wear a head to toe black look with a black coat, but to keep it interesting, try contrasting the textures of your coat with your outfit. If it’s a matte wool coat, try pair with leather leggings and a chunky sweater. If it’s a leather coat, try pair with teeshirt, jeans and suede boots. Have fun going back to black!