Tour of Chanel’s Ateliers that created Métiers d’Art Collection

by HULA , December 7, 2018

Any tour of Chanel’s Ateliers is worth a peak, but this one given exclusively to Vogue is particularly special in the eve of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show, which took place on December 5th at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian wing, showcasing an array of patterns, outfits and silhouettes giving ode to Egypt.

Lagerfeld began the Métiers d’Art concept in 2002 as a way to recognize the efforts of the ateliers acquired by Chanel through its Paraffection (an elision of par affection, or “with love”) subsidiary. Founded in 1997, Paraffection now has 26 maisons representing every conceivable fashion expertise, including gloves (Causse), millinery (Maison Michel), goldsmiths (Goossens), and cashmere (Barrie).

The Fashion Law wrote how blogger Venkatesh Rao coined the term “premium mediocre” last year — referring to a segment of economic activity dreamed up by marketers to give the masses the illusion of consuming luxury. It is more refreshing than ever to get a behind the scenes at how true luxury is made, by hand, par affection.

Take the tour here, and see the show here.