Travel like a Pro

by HULA , November 23, 2018

Come holiday season means the coming and goings through departure gates. What kind of garb to travel in? They have to be a marriage of comfort and style — and who better to reference than the jet set pros? Here are some of our favorite travel style must haves.

The Carry-all Bag
What’s getting on a plane without a bag where you could throw everything in? Passport, a cardigan, headphones, a water bottle (emptied before security, of course), a bag of chips, a few bars of chocolate, a loaf of bread… what? What you need is a sturdy tote bag that could carry everything while looking chic on your arm.

A Long Coat to Hide InA long coat is perfect for any flight. Not only does it keep you warm on the journey and in the wait lounge, it also covers up any comfy but maybe not too sleek garments underneath, making you look sharp.

Denim Always Works
Denim makes the list of most seen items on the roster of celebrity airport styles. Moulded around the legs, looking casual yet formal enough if paired with the right top and jacket, the denim is the go to item for any short flight — you could hop right into a dinner or simply a loved one’s arms post-flight.

Athleisure Keeps It Comfy
What is plane travel without some tracksuits? Comfy yet perfectly on trend with the current wave of street style inspired fashion, athleisure is essential for getting on a jet.

Sunglasses Are A Must
Need we mention the obvious? Sunglasses — necessary for shielding against the paparazzi or simply to hide any experience of bad sleep on the flight. Not all of us could fly on a First Class flat bed, but we could at least look like we did.