‘Tis The Season for the Best Knitwear

by HULA , November 23, 2018

As the smell of pumpkin spice starts wafting through the air from a Starbucks, you know it’s time to consider you knitwear options. From body-con knits for layering to chunky sweaters to pair with skinny jeans and knit dresses for the cooler days when you just want to throw on one thing, we’ve got you covered.


There are two types of sweaters — the ones that are metaphorical backup dancers and the ones that like to steal the show — and they are both important. Being backup dancers doesn’t mean any would do, they still have to be good, and perfectly yet quietly lift up the rest of the outfit — such as a statement skirt or coat. And the showstoppers could range from ones with stand-out knit patterns and accent colours to graphic prints. Both types of sweaters are necessary to make up a good cast in the show that is your fall wardrobe!


A cardigan is good company for occasions a many — when it is just a little chilly out, when you’re not sure if you need extra layering under that big coat, or when you just want to throw on something cozy at home to snuggle up and watch a movie in.

Knit Dresses

A knit dress is more season-appropriate for the cooler months — for when you are running between meetings outside or when you join someone for a break in the terrace at a party. Be it a skin tight knit number or a casual sweater dress that you could sleep in, knit dresses are essential for the chilly days.