The Best Gifts for All the Favorite Women in Your Life

by HULA , November 23, 2018

Holiday season is just around the corner — raise your hand if you have been procrastinating on making your gift list. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best of stylish gifts ready for the favorite women in your life. From clutches to scarves to classic, timeless jewelry, there is a gift to be found for every loved one in your life.


A clutch makes a great gift – they did say the best gifts always come in small boxes. A classy clutch makes a good companion at a formal dinner or even just a run to the convenient store to grab something. This is the perfect gift for a best friend or a sister!


The best thing about getting a bag for someone is that it would be put to good use. Stick to simple or classic styles for a sure win, and for the adventurous fashionista – more trendy and statement-making options!


A scarf is always a good accessory to gift. Add a colorful or pattern-covered number to a minimalistic outfit and it immediately livens up a look.  Scarves are also reasonless. A cozier number could live outside winter months on flights and chilly corporate offices, while a breezy silk one could be a layering accessory for cooler months, or simply as an accessory tied to the handle of a bag.


You can say a lot with the jewellery you gift. The right kind of bling can speak to the kind of love you want to express — and are best for close family or loved ones. Going with timeless classics will reinforce your commitment to quality and thoughtfulness — things anyone would be looking for in any relationship!


From a monotone cable knit to a minimalistic cardigan, nothing expresses comfort, home and warmth like a cozy knit piece. Easy on fit, knitwear is a stylish yet practical gift for a best friend or a sister.