Is this brand responsible for millennial pink?

by HULA , November 2, 2018

You’ll recognise its paper shopping bags far away simply from its colour, and its minimal, practical, Scandinavian style ready-to-wear has become the uniform for just about every other fashion editor and designer.  Most importantly, the brand might just be the brand responsible for millennial pink (we are not talking all shades of pink but one that sits between pale pink and hot pink).

Acne’s founder Jonny Johansson decided on the brand’s pink coloured shopping almost by accident a few years ago. While working late one night, he had a food wrapper next to his computer in that colour, which he liked, so they made the bags in it. The story of how the iconic colour came to be – uncomplicated and nonchalant – is also illustrative of the mentality of the crowd who is drawn to it.

Acne is an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expression, and was founded at first as a collective, producing furniture, music and film – including the cult magazine, Acne Paper – with fashion more of an afterthought. But the afterthought has since then became what Acne is known for – with its contribution to the world domination of Scandi-style as the headline. Read more here.

Source: The Guardian