The rock chick look according to Jasmine Smith

by HULA , October 26, 2018
Romper: C/Meo Collective, Boots: Isabel Marant

As trends come and go, the rock look always has its loyal following as for some, it’s not just a look, it’s a lifestyle. Even for those who don’t always channel their inner rockstar in their fashion choices, elements are always fun to incorporate into an outfit to give one a tough, rebellious edge. To learn more about how to rock the rock chick look, we turn to none other than our Style Insider Jasmine Smith, Founder and CEO of RAVEN+ROSE lingerie for some pro tips. Jasmine hand picked her fav outfits from our showroom to show us how to style some killer looks!


What does rock and roll mean to you 
Rock and Roll to me is an expression shown via a gritty edge and an appreciation for leather, black and boys in bands. Rock and Roll is that balance that between being deeply emotional and intimidatingly free in spirit; All laced together with fashion, a taste for tobacco, whisky and of course – rock music.

Dress: Gucci

“Rebelling against the social constraints we live in is glorious… even when done only for the night and through the aid of a costume.”


Who has the best rock inspired style ?
I’m a massive fan of Kate Lanphear, Creative Director of Marie Clair

What is an essential item a rock chick needs to own?
An incredible wide brimmed, black panama style felt hat. It’s signature! Or a pair leather pants – ideally sculptured to fit your body immaculately.

Jacket: DKNY, Pants: R13, Shoes Giuseppi Zanotti

“We like dressing up because it’s an expression of an alter-ego that perhaps isn’t appropriate to express on an everyday level.”


Top: Versace, Coat: Philosophy, Shoes: Alexander McQueen, Pants: Jasmine’s own

How do you rock a business-lunch look?
If I need to add a flavour of conservativeness to my outfit, I do so by wearing my go-to tight leather pants and boots- but pair these with a slightly oversized white boyfriend shirt to bring a business quality to the look. I make sure the shirt is an amazing quality cotton that is starched so it sits slightly structured.
I mix in diamonds and heavy but simple silver jewellery to bring my look up a notch and swap out heavy eye-liner for bare eyes and a strong red lip.

What’s your ultimate party look?
I love a deep-V, something textured and tight in the ways feathers, leather or sequins and usually in the form of a dress. Completed with thigh high boots or killer stilettos – always in black.

Dress: Ellery, Boots: AlaÏa


What would you wear to meet the in-laws?
Something that isn’t too tight, too low or too short – but still pays homage my natural style. Most likely a cream silk top, partnered with black jeans and undoubtedly heels – simple – but covering, modest, feminine and still ‘me’. I’m a big fan of always having my makeup and hair ‘done’ to look appropriately respectful and not like I just rolled out of bed after a massive night before… even if that is literally the case.

What is your casual look?
High waisted black Levis jeans and a white teeshirt tucked in, just see-through enough to outline my RAVEN+ ROSE lingerie underneath. I often partner in a mens black belt and black ankle boots finish the look.

What wouldn’t you be caught dead in?
Bright colours and an onslaught of pattern. A visual headache in terms of my aesthetic tendencies.

Dress: Miu Miu, Boots: Saint Laurent


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