Alessandro Michele’s Magic

by HULA , October 26, 2018

Alessandro Michele, photographed in New York City on May 6, 2018. Photograph by Michal Chelbin.
Credit: New York Times

When the new CEO of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, was looking for a new creative director for the brand in 2014, Alessandro Michele wasn’t even on the list of candidates. Michele has been working with Gucci for a while by that time, and Bizzarri met him for coffee simply to learn more about the company. As their chat progressed about how more of a joyful culture the company needs, a brief coffee meeting ended up being 3 hours – by the end of it. Michele was on the list. Bizzarri needed someone to be willing to take big risks – and from the way the new creative director manage to insert a completely new image and sensibility into the company, inspiring perhaps one of the most defining aesthetic of our times, it seemed like Bizzarri made the right pick. As actor Jared Leto, one of Michele’s muses and a Gucci ambassador once said “It was a revolutionary act to come in and do what he did with this company,” Jared Leto, calling Michele “the Steve Jobs of fashion.”

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Source: New York Times