Study Craft not Engineering?

by HULA , October 26, 2018

As kids graduate from school these days, many will pursue a future in computer engineering, technology. These subjects are important and have incredible prospects, but how about craft? It seems like one is going back in time if one considers studying or apprenticing in this subject, but  the luxury sector is growing, and an undetachable part of luxury is handcraft.

A report by Altagamma, the Italian luxury goods association, estimated that some 50,000 people working in the luxury goods industry in Italy are close to retirement and that it will be a struggle to find qualified personnel to fill those jobs. That’s why Fendi became part of an event organised by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (its parent company) to showcase the inner workings of its many brands to high school kids. Where some might see one of these boys a skate kid, the company sees a potential future employee.

Craft is not dead, and as long as there is an appreciation for luxury, there will be an appreciation for what’s handmade with the human touch. Read more about the event here.

Source: New York Times