Is your dress a single use plastic?

by HULA , October 19, 2018

National Geographic’s June 2018 cover “Planet or Plastic”

The anti-plastic movement has gotten a lot of traction with all the awareness raised from the recent National Geographic cover “Planet or Plastic”, documentaries such as Blue Planet, straw and plastic bag bans have been the result. But what about fashion?

If we buy a dress made from oil-derived plastics such as polyester or acrylic and we throw it out after wearing it a few times, we are still in a sense using single-use plastic. But there is a more damaging effect to our consumption of plastic clothing that is invisible to our eyes –  millions of tiny plastic fibers released during washing of these garments into the ocean. The recently aired “Fashion’s Dirty Secret” on BBC by Stacey Dooley investigates into fast fashion’s seemingly invisible impact (you can watch it here). Read more here.

Source: GQ