Will you wear a handbag that’s grown in a lab?

by HULA , October 5, 2018

Photo Credit: David Williams, Inc.com

With brands like Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors having stopped using fur, and some analysts predict millennials will buy fewer products made from animals generally. This is perhaps one of the reasons which gave birth to one of the most innovative materials invented since Lycra — lab-grown leather. 

Made from a sweet, syrupy liquid that is food for a strain of yeast genetically modified to produce collagen, the hope from its producer Modern Meadows and many others is that this material would replace animal leather in commercial uses in the future, dramatically replacing leather’s environmental and social impact. Similar bio-fabricated substitutes for animal-derived fashion materials are in the works from companies such as Bolt Threads and VitroLabs. Although the material might be a while away from replacing existing animal hides in bags available at retailers, and the introduction of theses materials in the market has been met with resistance, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before they become common, or even perhaps a better alternative to leather, in the marketplace.

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Source: BoF