We are Loving These Top Fashion Week Trends

by HULA , September 28, 2018
In today’s fashion weeks, what happens off the runway is almost as important as what happens on it. What is spotted on the streets then? Here is a summary of the latest street style trends and how to work them.
Animal Style
Animal is never out of style, and surprisingly not as hard wear as its boldness would suggest. Pair it as outerwear with a tee and denim, with brights or clash it with another animal print (leopard and zebra), or just wear a demure leopard slip skirt. Leopard hints at a dash of rock’n’roll, and that isn’t so bad, no?

thezoereport.com //  Giovanna Battaglia, Aria di Bari, Fashionista.com // Leandra Medine, Glamour.com // Tamu McPherson, Armenyl.com
Suits You
A nice blazer is always in to add a little power to your look, but make it current season by choosing styles in velvet or bright tones. Think 70s Sears catalog or a retro pop band circa Karen Carpenter days. 

nandincalo.com, funkyforty.com, Pinterest.com, Jeanette Friis Madsen
A (Big) Hint of Print
Who says you can’t pair print with print? Here is a chance to wear all your bold and fabulous pieces all at once. Try wearing different floral prints together, or monograms to ride with the logomania wave while it’s still around. Feeling a little shy to jump head first into the trend? Try wearing a long statement print coat paired neutral or denim – you couldn’t go wrong with that!
evoke.ie, d360magazine.com, thetrendspotter.net, thezoereport.com

There is a never a better time to pull out the three essential prep look patterns out — plaid, checks and tweed. Wear them as outerwear, lone pants or skirt or matching top and bottoms to create a stand-out yet laid back outfit and you’ll have a winning look.

Sezona Kletka, Trendspotter.com
One Tone Wonder
Forget mix-and-match. Time to go match-and-match head-to-toe in brights or pastels for a look to remember. Key colours to try this season: Reds, yellow, pink, lavender, blue & green.

@camilacoelho, stylecaster.com, thegarnettereport.com, en.vogue.fr