The Top Streetstyle Stars to Follow This Fashion Week

by HULA , September 21, 2018

Without further ado, here is the list:

Loulou de Saison

This French fashion consultant does androgyny with a feminine twist in the chicest way possible. Loyal to her home town of Paris, she shares outfits and sources of inspiration in various shades of elevated minimalism.

Caroline Daur

German fashion blogger Caroline Daur has quickly risen to the top of the influencer list since starting her blog in 2014. Globe trotting often in sharp, cosmopolitan looks, the blogger is one of fashion’s favourite sources of inspiration.


The blog is the go-to accessories destination, where co-founders and editors Anna Rosa Vitiello and Florrie Thomas let you in on all you need to know from the latest trends to the best labels.

Babba Rivera

Swedish-born, New York-based Babba C Rivera is a marketing and advertising guru who at 27 has already put ride-sharing giant Uber on the map in Sweden and most recently opened her own agency, BY BABBA. She is also a style icon on her own right

Candela Pelizza

Milan based Candela Novembre is a woman’s whose style is incredible to follow around the world. She doesn’t buy postcards; she buys something that she will wear someday and that will remind me of that trip. What a great way to keep a travel diary!

Leandra Medine Cohen

Leandra started her blog ManRepller in 2010 after a friend suggests that none of the guys who she’s dating wants to be her boyfriend because she “dresses funny”. Thus the start of the blog, where she defines “man-repelling” as “outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Her following quickly grew and now, Manrepeller is a content destination with multiple writers for style and “everything else” (the two categories on the site). Leandra still remains a source of inspiration for the best streestyle.

Imaan Hammam

Imaan Hammam is a Dutch model of Egyptian and Moroccan descent – follow her as she go on runways in fashion week or off on a holiday. Her easy style and positivity is doubtlessly infectious.

Vanessa Hong

Little would one guess that Vanessa Hong of the trailblazing blog The Haute Pursuit is in pre-med before getting into fashion. Her stark minimalistic style is unique — a simple formula she keeps reinventing which never gets boring.