Burberry stops burning unsold goods and the use of fur

by HULA , September 14, 2018

Credit: Refinery29

Burberry revealed in an earnings report in July that it had destroyed $37 million worth of unsold clothes and accessories in order to protect its brand. The news sparked an outcry on social media as some angry customers called the practice unethical and not environmentally friendly. On Thursday, Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti said in a statement to the press that the company would no longer burn unsold items and to add, or use real fur.  Even though this seemed like an obvious PR ploy to try cover-up or detract us from their wrong-doing, we should still commend them for doing the right thing. It is an important step for such a heritage brand and the fashion industry as a whole to realise they need to stay ahead with the times and have complete transparency. More importantly it shows the power of public opinion in shaping what companies do! 

On the fur topic, the British Fashion Council just announced a few days ago that they are banning fur products from being shown at London Fashion Week this season. (Source: The Independent)


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