The Art of Repair with Jeeves – Special Promo with HULA

by HULA , August 24, 2018

In a partnership with Jeeves, we are excited to offer all Hula customers 15% off dry cleaning and 30% off handbag restoration with Jeeves. Offer lasts till 31 Mar 2019*.

When you pull out a handbag from the depths of your closet and find it scratched or you have run around in a pair nice heels for long enough to see paint being rubbed off, what do you do? A usual response would be to retire or donate them, as we think they are beyond repair. But often, there is more life in our garments than we imagine. This is where the lost art of repair comes in.

Originally from London, Jeeves has long established itself as the go-to dry cleaner for society’s best dressed. The company has proudly held a Royal Warrant for their Dry Cleaning services to HRH the Prince of Wales and his family for over 40 years. As an extension of their offerings, another service they provide is leather restoration. From original color restoration, strap repair, deep cleaning, to scratch removals, the leather repair team will painstaking hand paint, sew, piece your beloved shoes or handbag back to their glory days’ state.

The secret of Jeeves‘ unsurpassed service lies in its combination of traditional care for garments along with technological advancements. Centered around the care and love of clothes, Jeeves is in a way an anti-thesis to fashion’s breakneck pace, and aligns with Hula’s belief that well-made clothes are meant to last, be kept, or passed on. In a world where broken things are disposed and replaced as the default option, there is something refreshing about choosing instead to mend and cherish.

What differentiates Jeeves as a garment cleaning and restoration service compared to other companies?

Jeeves invests heavily in the garment, textile, and high-end designer brand knowledge when compared to street corner laundry stores or other dry cleaning franchises in Hong Kong. Care labels are not always 100% accurate, our skilled technicians and dry cleaning experts have had years of experience in meticulously testing and cleaning many Haute Couture items that have a mixture of fabrics that might be impossible to clean without some form of damage.

At Jeeves, we may ask the permission of the customer to deconstruct some items in order to clean and preserve the item for future use. We don’t only go the extra mile when cleaning our customers’ garments, our customer service usually deals with all cases on the same day if there is any form of dissatisfaction or items that need to be followed upon.

Our extended operating hours (late night delivery and collection service) convenient locations and competent sales and customer service have earned us the trust and continued support of our VIP members & Customers.


How long does it take for a leather repair craftsman/woman to be trained and what qualities do you look for in a craftsman?

It usually takes 2-3 months to learn the techniques but years to master and perfect.

Qualities required are steady hands and a keen eye for colour tones. The individual most possess some form of artistic talent usually in the form of painting. Hand and machine sewing skills are also highly recommended.


Jeeves has been in Hong Kong since 1994, have you guys noticed a fluctuation in demand for your services, if so in what way and what do you think caused it?

Yes indeed. Since our business is completely seasonal, it fluctuates even within the year. Our biggest fluctuation in demand was actually during SARS, our business was doing great as our dry-cleaning is hygienic and kills all bacteria and germs that are lingering on the garments. Since then our business has been on the upturn and our capabilities have also grown, diversifying into leather restoration and carpet cleaning. This has created more demand from existing and new clientele.


Is there a customer experience story you could share?

We had a lady that cleaned her precious stuffed toys. She cleans them every few years and trusts nobody else to handle them. Stuffed toys are tough as you sometimes cannot predict what’s inside and if the label does not state that you could run into trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing. This customer considers them to be like her children, and we always have a smile on our faces and just glad that we can keep her so happy and pleased every time she comes in.

In a partnership with Jeeves, we are offering all Hula customers 15% off dry cleaning and 30% off handbag restoration with Jeeves. Offer lasts till 31 Mar 2019.

Check out some before and after pictures from Jeeves!

Brand: Bottega Veneta
Type of leather: Lambskin

Brand: Céline
Type of leather: Calfskin

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Type of leather: Vachetta


* To redeem this special offer simply enter ‘JeevesxHula18’ at check out. or state this code at one of their walk-in stores.



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