Always Timeless: Military Style

by HULA , August 2, 2018

When one dons a piece of military influenced clothing item, one inevitably gives off an effortless air of toughness. From camouflage shade to trench coats, military-inspired fashion has slowly invaded our closets. Where did it all begin?


Burberry’s iconic trench coat, was for one in fact designed as standard wear for British officers in 1914. But the trench didn’t reach iconic status until actor Humphrey Bogart wore it in the 1942 film classic Casablanca (although whether the coat is made by Burberry or Aquascutum is still debatable.) Today, the trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple, guaranteed to give any outfit a cool yet elegant edge — think Audrey Hepburn finding her cat in the rain in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.




Sandy, neutral, earthy tone — the color khaki is closely associated with military style, and the word itself has an interesting origin. Soldiers used to use tea, curry powder and mud to dye their clothes the same colour, which was known as khaki — from the Urdu word meaning ‘dust’.


How about the colors of military style? The camouflage pattern is created so soldiers could blend in their environment, and has been continuously adapted depending on their changing environment. Today, camouflage has become a frequent motif in streetwear or streetwear-influenced style.



As for aviation style, the MA-1 bomber jacket has undoubtedly been one of its most notable representations. Created initially for pilots in 1960s, the bomber jacket has now become a regular in streetwear and runways. Don’t forget to pair it with a pair of aviators sunglasses, which became iconic with the likes of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley wearing them.




No one can deny the utilitarian nature of pockets. In combat, you need pockets so you could store weapons, and some secretly patched ones so you can store things from plain sight. Times without war is not so different — got to keep what you need in handy spots!