Me & My Mom – Rebecca & Elizabeth

by HULA , May 6, 2018

To celebrate Mother’s Day next week, we talked to Rebecca McGeoch, Fashion Stylist (and host of our upcoming pop-up) and her ever-so-stylish mother Elizabeth Gasparre. Elizabeth spent most of her life in a beautiful village called Hunter’s Hill in Sydney and studied fine arts at the University of Sydney, creating acrylic paintings, pencil drawings and fashion illustration. It is obvious that creativity runs in the family! We caught up recently with the two to talk earliest fashion memories, matching outfits, and the beauty of motherhood.

What is your earliest fashion memories of each other?

E: Your grandmother used to make clothes for us and we had matching shirts, she made a matching dress for Rebecca in the same material.
R: That sounds horrible!

My earliest fashion memory of you, mum… was probably winter fashion in Italy when you always used to wear big cashmere coats and big furs. 

E: We had this favourite shop in Rome with the most beautiful clothes. And we go there every December to buy the girls (Rebecca and her sister) outfits and they would close the shop for us.

R: Yea dad would call in advance, and they would be like “that crazy family is coming again!” We would go after-hours, and I would do a runway show for my dad –  he couldn’t say no to me and my sister!

Would you say fashion ran in the family? 

E: Yes it really does! I would tell my mother what I like, when we would go shopping to David Jones and we would pick out the patterns and some beautiful materials and sew – she sewed a lot of clothes.
R: Fashion is always in our lives. Whenever we pack for the holidays it’ll be a four, five day process of organizing our outfits.
Is fashion the way the women in the family connect with each other?
E: It is. My mother and her mother — they were into beautiful clothes and my grandmother would always say “if a person’s shoes aren’t polished and heeled properly, they aren’t complete.” So an outfit had to go right down to the shoes.
R: Even for every special occasion like Christmas, or Easter, we’d always really dress up. That’s the fun part.

Speaking of festivals, what is one your most memorable Mother’s Day?

E: I unfortunately lost my mother two years ago — she was my best friend. The first Mother’s Day without her, Rebecca and Angus took me away to Koh Samui, and it was so beautiful and peaceful there with the sea.
R: Definitely the best mother’s days have been since I’ve had Hamilton, and this upcoming mother’s day we have really nice celebrations organised, so I think this one will be our best.

Have you imparted any mothering tips?

E: I think the way you bring up your daughter instills something in her that she passes on to her children, and I am seeing that as she is being a mother to her son. So I’d see her do things and say the same things that I have said to her before,  and that my mother has said to me, and I have a little smile on my face “oh… that’s what my mother said” So, unbeknownst to me, she has taken a lot from me.

What do you think is the most important thing that you have learned from your mother?

R: I think it’s that if you’re having a difficult day, it’ll always pass, and you could wake up fresh the next day. Don’t sweat the small stuff, that’s what mother taught me. She made me a lot more carefree and spontaneous
E: Yes, and my mother always said that tomorrow’s a new day — sad moments don’t last long.

The thing with being a mother and then being a grandmother is that I see my grandson, and what I love about him is that he’s at the stage where he looks at the birds and the moon, and he takes the time to look at all these gorgeous things that we miss in life when we’re in a hurry. It really comes down to these moments that are the most important in life — and being reminded of that is the beauty of being a mother and a grandmother.

Elizabeth, did Rebecca steal clothes from you?

Rebecca: No…. only accessories
Elizabeth: No, no.. You stole my bags! And my face creams and foundations…


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