by HULA , April 20, 2018

We are pleased to announce the GET LUCKY WITH HULA pop-up from May 18-20, 2018 celebrating sustainability and pre-loved fashion with lucky vibes. This event will be featuring new curated designer womenswear from HULA (many not on line) as well as the closets of four fashion influencers: Hosted by Rebecca McGeoch (@rjmstyle) and her three friends Alexa Bui (@alexa.bui), Jessie Li (@4evajessie) and Vincci Yang(@vincci_yang).

Why Get Lucky? The way we see it, every item of clothing has a story and a memory that can be passed on to the next person including good fortune  — from the lucky shirt that won you that job, the lucky first date dress, to those lucky heels that have experienced many a good night out with friends. Pass and receive that luck through shopping pre-owned items at HULA. At HULA you may also find that unique one-off piece from past season that you missed buying that fits you perfectly. HULA celebrates this passage and feeling of good fortune with a campaign of fun videos and an exclusive event featuring four lucky girls.

In Asia, there is a prevalent idea that when garments are passed on, we might ‘wear the bad luck’ from their previous owners.  With textiles waste being the second largest pollutant in the world, HULA is doing its part to help re-educate and spread the word about the environmental benefits of buying pre-owned. To put it into perspective: ”If one million women bought their next item of clothing secondhand instead of new, we would save 6 million KG of carbon pollution from entering the atmosphere” — 1 Million Women.

Hosted by renowned fashion influencer, Rebecca McGeoch (@rjmstyle) and three friends Alexa Bui (@alexa.bui), Jessie Li (@4evajessie), and Vincci Yang (@vincci_yang), they share a selection of outfits from their closets which are ready to be passed on, along with the stories that go with it. This event will feature hundreds of unique designer clothing from their own closets, available to shop exclusively at this pop-up, curated alongside selected HULA product. These items will later be available to purchase online at TheHula.com.

Come along to: 

Factory A, Gee Chang Hang Centre, 22/F, 65 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.

Every week, we will be releasing new video content about each of our event hosts. Watch the first video feature on stylist Rebecca McGeoch here and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch the upcoming releases!