STYLE INSIDER — Rebecca McGeoch, Stylist

by HULA , April 20, 2018

The GET LUCKY WITH HULA pop-up (May 18-19, 2018), celebrating sustainability and pre-loved fashion with lucky vibes, will be hosted by renowned fashion influencer, Rebecca McGeoch (@rjmstyle) and three friends Alexa Bui (@alexa.bui), Jessie Li (@4evajessie), and Vincci Yang (@vincci_yang).  As part of the pop up, we will be releasing new video content about each of our hosts. First one up is Rebecca, and we got to talk to her about personal style, favourite fashion era and the story behind her Burberry trench! Find out more in our exclusive interview below.

What is your most memorable fashion moment?
My wedding day. I wore a dress by the amazing Steven Kahil. It was strapless, fitted, with a train, and some beading. You can watch here.

Have you always loved fashion and want to work in the industry?
I’ve always LOVED fashion, but I was scared to work in the industry and do something creative. I studied Economics at Sydney University but fashion was really what I wanted to be doing day to day, so as soon as I graduated, I started working as a knitwear designer and stylist.

When did you realize your love for fashion?
I think as soon as I was able to dress myself, I knew. I used to pick my outfits before I went to bed. I loved accessories and I was big on headbands and little fake fur handbags, as well as knee-high socks. It all had to be organised and laid out before I go to sleep.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Freezing time. I’m so happy enjoying this time with my little family. My son is at the most beautiful age of 18 months and he is a ball of energy. He is also just starting to talk, and I just adore spending time with him. His cuteness level is off the charts and I just want to hit pause.

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life — which would it be?
Emilio Pucci.

Do you have a lucky colour?
White. Maybe it’s biblical, but it reminds me of my wedding day, my son’s christening, and a host of other special moments in my life.

Describe some of your favourite vintage/ consignment outfits?
Chanel jackets, vintage Cartier watch, gold Chanel costume jewellery…

Describe a ‘lucky outfit’ of yours?
I don’t have a specific lucky outfit. I think that if I feel great and confident in my outfit then I will have a great energy that day, and this will only attract positivity, light and create luck.

What is the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Meeting my husband Angus, he is my entire heart and together we made a beautiful baby boy called Hamilton.

Mark the GET LUCKY WITH HULA pop-up
May 18-19, 11am-8pm

Factory A, 22/F, 65 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.