Embroider Your Wardrobe Essentials with YLYstudio

by Tiffany Law , November 1, 2022

Forecasts for autumn and winter are difficult to predict. Pulling off layers and basic essentials from your wardrobe can help you stay prepared for any situation when it’s chilly in the morning but scalding hot by lunch. But how can we raise the bar on stylish essentials and complete your wardrobe with a unique personal touch? This is where embroidery comes in the statement game.

Instead of saying goodbye to an old shirt or pair of jeans, refreshing them with embroidery on the worn-out parts might just make it a new special feature. Besides, it can give your new clothes a revamp that needs a bit of edge and manifest the motto of less is more. Whether you are a minimalist or a fan of bold statements, adding an embroidery design to a shirt’s chest pocket, sleeves, collar, or anywhere on your jeans adds a unique touch to an otherwise simple outfit. Embroidered pieces may need special care, but it never runs out of style. It works great on medium-weight fabric that doesn’t wear out over time, making it seasonless. Button-up shirts and denim jeans are, undoubtedly, some of the more popular canvases for these embroidery creativity. 

Sashiko boro on LV denim jacket
(Source: YLYstudio Instagram)

Camila Mendes at Miu Miu PFW 22/23
(Source: Alamy)


With the change of season breezing in, HULA is here to help glam up those basic essentials hidden in your wardrobe to create your own subtle statement pieces. Join us this Sunday’s 2-hour embroidery workshop with YLY Studio at our Rosewood Pop-Up the Woods. Sign up here


About YLYstudio

Established in 2017 by Matt Hui and Lilian Tsang, YLYstudio is determined to bring people’s focus and appreciation back to the details and workmanship in fashion, and not just the fast-moving trend. Alongside their fashion designs is the YLYstudio Workshop, where enthusiasts can engage in the art of embroidery and participate in the various levels of courses from the basics to sophisticated French Embroidery.

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