Ulla Johnson: Be Your Own Modern Inspiration

by Marga Cheng , August 26, 2022

Ulla Johnson aims to inspire those around her. She believes that her designs uplift the people who wear them. Just after her graduation from university, she immediately caught the attention of the fashion world for her boho chic outfits. Today, Johnson continues to redefine what we think of fashion by incorporating bold hues of pink and reds, loud floral prints and daring silhouettes. Here are Johnson’s three steps to become your own modern inspiration!

Empowering Outfits

Johnson believes that wearing the right outfit can put you in the right headspace to get down to business. Leave that straight, boring suit behind, turn up the volume and dress to express. A great outfit is one way to get the dialogue going before it has even started. Check out our favorite items to rock the work floor.


Weave in Wanderlust

Johnson’s pieces are inspired by the many places she visits. The designer was drawn to the mountain village Ourika, where she discovered all new combinations of colors from the Moroccan buildings, textures from Islamic colleges and even the patterns on rugs hanging on the streets. Traveling to Okinawa exposed her to Japanese art books filled with print techniques and silk kimono weaving. Explore Ulla Johnson’s collections to teleport yourself to different destinations.


Drop the Dress Code

Johnson encourages everyone to stray away from any universal dress code. Throw out the concept that chic = black or that you can only wear that gown to a formal occasion. Play around with your clothes, pick out even bigger, louder floral patterns or mix and match loud colors. Next time you’re shopping, pick up some pieces that defy dress codes and express yourself.