Hermès: Silky Wearable Art

by HULA , October 21, 2021

A scarf is probably the most simple fashion accessory, but when we talk about an Hermès scarf, not that simple, though.

A signature piece of an iconic brand. The scarf intrinsically has the brand’s history of commitment and love for craftsmanship. The silk is produced exclusively at Hermès’ farms in Brazil, and the printing process takes around 750 hours. Robert Dumas created the first Carré (the French word for square) in 1937, and much more than a fashion accessory, Hermès scarves became a fashion essential.


The legendary fashion house invites artists to collaborate, creating motifs and patterns. The artwork transforms this fashion accessory into objet d’art. A complex composition of colors and traces aligned to the craftsmanship is pure refinement. Worn by men and women, from royalty to politics and so on. The versatile “squares” are alluring and mystic, a vital part of our wardrobes. They can be worn as tops, belts, skirts, and much more. Hermès makes them in different sizes, and there is an app, SILK KNOTS, to give you ideas on how to wear them. So be dressed in your scarf!



We are talking Hermès; thus, Kelly comes to our minds. Grace Kelly fell in love with the brand in 1954 when the customer designer of, To Catch a Thief purchased the brand accessories for the film. The Princess of Monaco had put a bit spotlight on Hermès — particularly the Kelly bag, but also wore the scarf as a charming sling for her sore arm in 1959. Vintage scarfs are sought after by collectors and fashionistas, and these beauties are also framed! They are flying high on top of the fashion house in Paris, and were featured flying in New York sky on a scene of The Devil Wears Prada, but asked for Hermès.



It’s pure art, and HULA invites you to explore this silky universe of wearable art.


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Written by Fernanda
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