A Short Q&A with OnTheList’s Founders

by HULA , January 22, 2021

A solution for brands to clear their past-season merchandise and a sustainable mindset to never let clothing go to waste, husband and wife — Delphine Lefay and Diego Dultzin Lacoste launched OnTheList in 2016. Founded in Hong Kong four years ago, it is now an international name with a presence in Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei. A members-only platform, online and in-store, offers members limited and exclusive deals one brand at a time. To create appeal and demand, OnTheList has worked with a range of brands from Celine, Saint Laurent to Kipling. Scroll down to read our little Q&A with founders Delphine and Diego!


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Being co-founders of a start-up company as well as Chief Father and Mother officer (clever title on your LinkedIn!) must bring both blessings and challenges, can you tell us whether having a child together has changed your point of view on fashion and how the industry is dealing with off-season pieces as a result of over-producing?

We still remain passionate about helping the fashion industry find a solution to get rid of overproduced stock. If anything, after having a child, we want to work harder to find more solutions to make sure that we don’t overproduce to protect our planet and also the future for our children.


What do you think is the future of sustainable fashion?

The future of sustainable fashion having a pre-order system, sustainable fabrics, and eco-friendly manufacturing.


More luxury brands than ever are on the trajectory to become more sustainable and perhaps even “slow”, are there any plans for OTL to become a more sustainable brand besides its current effort to offload past-season items?

Yes! We have launched OnTheLove, which is our CSR program that is finding more ways to be more sustainable, we hosted our first Swap Party in 2020 and cannot wait to do more in 2021!


What is your vision of fashion?

Fashion is always changing, so it’s important that the vision of fashion is to find new ways to be more ethical and eco friendly to protect the environment.


Your advice for our audience to become a more responsible consumer of fashion?

Shop smart and shop locally