Review Your 2020 Sustainability Goals For 2021

by HULA , January 1, 2021


It’s that time of the year again, the time to reflect and review. What have you done well this year and what can be improved? Are you using less single-use plastic? Are you choosing pre-loved over brand new? 

Here are 30 ideas on how to live more sustainably in the coming year:


  1. Eat zero waste food
  2. Implement recycling at home
  3. No more throwing away clothes
  4. Participate in beach clean up’s
  5. Resell and shop pre-owned
  6. #30wearstest
  7. Invest in capsule wardrobe
  8. No more impulse purchases
  9. Look past greenwashing and investigate the green label
  10. Avoid takeaway as much as possible, or only eat from places that provide eco-friendly packaging
  11. Learn something new about sustainability every week
  12. Turn off your computer when you are not using it for long periods
  13. Say goodbye to fast fashion
  14. No to single-use plastics
  15. Wear more, wash less
  16. DIY your own beeswax cling film
  17. Shop locally
  18. Organise your wardrobe to visualise how many items you have and what you don’t wear
  19. Eat less meat
  20. Drive less, take public transport where you can
  21. Grow your own herbs / veggies
  22. Bring your own bag to the groceries
  23. Buy plastic free, bulk food and beauty products
  24. Shop organic and eco-friendly
  25. Learn how your garments are made
  26. Acquire basic sewing skills
  27. Go paperless
  28. Find a good tailor
  29. Vote for sustainable leaders and ideas
  30. Introduce your friends to your new sustainable lifestyle!