11 Movies and Books to Make You Feel Cosy This Holiday Season

by HULA , December 25, 2020

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the plethora of cozy content that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Whether that is sitting by a fire with a good book and some cinnamon rolls baking in the oven or drinking sparkling wine while watching a classic Christmas film, the holidays give us all an excuse to be a little more cheesy and indulge in the small pleasures. Here are 11 movies and books to snuggle up with this season:


Last Holiday

This Queen Latifah film is a sheer delight. Latifah plays an excessively kind store clerk who receives health news that drives her to spend her savings on a whirlwind luxury trip. Watching Latifah spread goodwill amongst the people around her in this film is enough to make you want to do better in your own life. Isn’t that what the holidays are truly about?

Edward Scissorhands

Believe it or not, this is actually classified as a Christmas movie! The Tim Burton masterpiece follows the scissor-handed Edward (pretty self explanatory) as he attempts to find acceptance in his disturbingly suburban neighborhood and woo Winona Ryder. By the end of the movie, you will see why it is a true holiday film and it will definitely bring that warm Christmas feeling to your heart.

The Holiday

GHF4TR Film Title: The Holiday Cameron Diaz stars in Universal Pictures/Columbia Pictures’ romantic comedy The Holiday. Regie: The Holiday. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

There are few things that are cozier than an English cottage nestled in the snowy countryside. There are few things more entertaining than watching Kate Winslet swap her cottage with Cameron Diaz’s L.A. home in an attempt to swear off men during the holidays. This is a feel good film that offers a look into how holiday cheer can also bring forth self empowerment.

Love Actually

This star-studded classic deserves a re-watch every winter. Almost every prominent British actor is in this movie and it is a joy to watch the stars attempt to navigate their messy lives during one of the most joyful (or stressful) times of the year. There are so many memorable moments in this movie, but a personal favorite is when Mr. Bean takes an eon to excessively wrap a present for Alan Rickman.

Little Women

This Greta Gerwig film portrays the classic book as a heart-warming tale about family and following your heart. The movie is not primarily set during the holidays but there is enough emphasis on the importance of Christmas and such an undertone of cozy energy, that it has earned a place on this list.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Want something a bit more unconventional this holiday season? Another Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington as he leaves his Halloween world for the discovery of the Christmas realm. His obsession for the holiday and attempt to give ‘Santa a day off’ is whimsical, dark and pure enjoyment. The animation is also visually stunning and is an ode to classic holiday claymation films.  

Miracle on 34th St.

There are so many wonderful holiday classic films. It is likely that you have already seen most of them! However, in case you have missed this one, Miracle on 34th St. is a magical look into a man who is locked up for claiming to be Santa Claus. A lawyer attempts to prove his innocence (really) and sheds light on the true meaning of Christmas. The original 1947 version is fantastic, but we won’t scoff at the 1994 version either!



The Snow Queen 

Have you ever heard of a little movie called Frozen? Frozen was actually based on a classic Danish fairy-tale from Hans Christian Anderson. This classic Christmas book is the ‘less Disneyfied’ version and has gorgeous illustrations. It is perfect for anyone craving a classic this holiday season whilst sitting by the fire.

P.S. Your Cat is Dead

An untraditional take in the holidays, P.S. Your Cat is Dead focuses on New Years Eve in New York City. This sounds like an ideal setting, yet the protagonist faces his friend dying, his girlfriend leaving him, losing his job and is currently being burgled. Sound like the slice of holiday cheer you were looking for? But seriously, this is a cheeky take on the season of cheer and is worth a read if you are feeling a little humorous.

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

Victorian ghost stories for Christmas? Yes, please! In the Victorian era, it was popular for newspapers to offer scary stories during the holiday season. This was to make the readers feel chilled and spooky during the colder months of the year. This book has pulled many of these stories together to offer an alternative Christmas outlook. There is even a volume two!

Letters from Father Christmas

This is a heartwarming publication offering the letters that J. R. R. Tolkien wrote and illustrated for his own children. This book is a keepsake of wonderment and heart as each letter is written from the perspective of Father Christmas. The illustrations alone make this book worth a read and it deserves a place on the coffee table all winter long.