by HULA , February 8, 2018

There are quite a few Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong, but Thierry Chow stands out from the rest in this male-dominated field not just as a woman, but a forward-thinking, artistic and impeccably stylish one as well. In her everyday work, she helps clients curate their office and home environment with Feng Shui, does palm reading, Chinese physiognomy as well as Chinese astrology. Following her dad, renowned Feng Shui master Chow Hon-Ming’s footsteps, Thierry has managed to create a unique path of her own. We caught up with her at her studio in Chai Wan.

First of all, congrats on your recently published book, “Love and Fate 愛情玄學指南”. What can the reader expect to learn from it?

This book is all about love, it is a Feng Shui guide book on how to enhance one’s relationship energy by arranging their environment, being more aware of themselves, wearing the right colours, surrounding themselves with the right people etc. The book includes Feng Shui for home/office, palm reading, Chinese physiognomy, Chinese astrology, and some true love stories.

Left: Facial features of ladies who are popular among people and have luck in love, Right: Facial features of ladies who bring fortune for their partners

Left: Facial features of ladies who are acting bitchy, Right: Facial features of ladies who meet wrong partners easily

You started getting into Feng Shui because you learned a lot from your dad. Was he happy with you pursuing this path and what is one of the most important things you’ve learned from him?

He was so happy I pursued this path, especially because when I was young I didn’t have any interest in the practice. I think the most important things I’ve learnt from him is the importance of respect for myself and others, and to learn as much as we teach.

What’s the biggest misconception about feng shui you hear most often?

I think the biggest misconception about feng shui I hear most often is that it is superstitious or magic, and that it is a shortcut to success or happiness. All these assumptions are so wrong. I think it is a practice that is similar to exercise and healthy eating, it takes time and is a natural way to enhance one’s overall wellness. It is the relationship between environment and human, and it all goes back to caring for ourselves through recognizing the effects our environment have on us.

Unlike in the worlds of technology or fashion where there is frequent and open exchange of new information every day, knowledge in the world of Feng Shui is more closed. How do you learn and gain new information about your craft?

I’m very lucky as my father had studied it for so long, so he’s my go-to for more knowledge on the matter. There are other ways to gain new information, and I think getting the right books to read is the best option.

You have some of the most unique styles I have seen in Hong Kong. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Edgy, artistic, fun

Do you put together your outfits based on ideas of Feng Shui? Are their certain outfits you favor because of their positive energy?

I go by my feelings a lot, so I will pick an outfit for the day depending on my mood. I do think the positive energy that an outfit brings is very important. For example, I favour certain clothes more because of their colours. I love bright vibrant colours, they give me positive energy. I think the positive energy gets spread when I am wearing something that makes me feel positive. I know people can feel it too.

Are you in competition with your dad?
I think we have a mutual understanding about how different we are, so we have really different groups of clients – which is great! We’ve never felt in competition with each other, I think because we both really appreciate the things we are each good at, and it helps us help each other grow to become better.



What’s a superpower you wish to have?

I wish I could time travel! I would love to go back and make friends with Picasso.

What are some of your go-to hangouts in HK?

I love Sense 99 and Club 71.

Who is your girl-crush or muse? 

Michelle Violy Harper and Iris Apfel.

What’s next for you and this Lunar New Year?

I’m currently preparing the launch of my modern Feng Shui products. For the Year of the Earth Dog, we will be focusing on eco-friendly and recycling practices, such as eco-friendly products and events. This is because earth represents waste and recycling – we will doubtlessly see events happening that will push us to be more focused on taking care of the planet.


Thierry’s advice for those born in the Year of the Dog:



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Where to get the book ‘Love and Fate’: 

Et Press, Eslite, The Commercial Press

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