6 Ways to Authenticate Your Chanel at Home

by HULA , October 9, 2020

There are countless reasons why we shouldn’t buy counterfeit goods – but does one know how to tell if a Chanel bag is fake with naked eyes*? We might have AI authentication technology — Entrupy (see how it works here!) to indicate authenticity, but it is definitely not an easy task for untrained eyes, especially if you don’t have a bunch of readily available Chanels laying around to compare your bag with. Read on to see 6 Chanel bag authentication tips! 


*For a more accurate result, we suggest authenticating your luxury bags with trusted authentication services. Even most retail staff from Chanel would most likely be unable to authenticate your bag for you on the spot due to Chanel’s high volume of bag production. 



Aligned Diamonds

Chanel has built its name not only with its timeless designs, luxurious leather, and elegant silhouettes, their craftsmanship, and attention to detail are also what you are paying the big bucks for. Notice that on any real Chanel bag, the famous quilting stitches are always aligned perfectly even with a pocket on top. 



Symmetry & Stitch Count

Another thing to look out for is the diamonds’ symmetry. Pay attention to how many exact stitches there are on each side of the diamond and see if all sides have the same amount. Real Chanel bags tend to have more stitch count per edge — some sites suggest that stitch count should be no less than 10, but we found out that some newer Chanel designs have only 9 stitches. If possible, refer back to Chanel’s official website and zoom in on the product images to have a more in-depth look at the stitch count. 



Leather Chain Link

Chanel’s quintessential leather intertwined chain-link strap should be expertly stitched and have no uneven edges or bumps. There should be no raw edges along the sides as the straps should be finished with folded hems. 



Authenticity Labels

Chanel currently does not issue authenticity labels/cards with 9+ digits. If the bag was made between 1984 and 1986, it should feature 6 digits. Between 1986 and 2004 should feature 7 digits. Between 2005 and onwards, it should feature 8 digits. 


See below for more info on Chanel’s serial number! 

Serial Number Year Serial Number Year
30XXXXXX 2020 14XXXXXX 2011
29XXXXXX 2019 13XXXXXX 2009-2010
28XXXXXX 2019 12XXXXXX 2008-2009
27XXXXXX 2019 11XXXXXX 2006-2008
26XXXXXX 2018-2019 10XXXXXX 2005-2006
25XXXXXX 2018 9XXXXXX 2004-2005
24XXXXXX 2017-2018 8XXXXXX 2003-2004
23XXXXXX 2016-2017 7XXXXXX 2002-2003
22XXXXXX 2016 6XXXXXX 2000-2002
21XXXXXX 2015-2016 5XXXXXX 1997-1999
20XXXXXX 2014-2015 4XXXXXX 1996-1997
19XXXXXX 2014 3XXXXXX 1994-1996
18XXXXXX 2013-2014 2XXXXXX 1991-1994
17XXXXXX 2012-2013 1XXXXXX 1989-1991
16XXXXXX 2012 0XXXXXX 1986-1988
15XXXXXX 2011-2012  




Although this seems like a no-brainer, how hardwares are installed can be a telltale sign of your bag’s authenticity. Is your CC logo installed the right way? Is it tilted? Because it’s such an easy thing to look past, these obvious mistakes often get ignored. 




Chanel doesn’t make their own zippers. Their zips are currrently mainly manufactured by Lampo, an Italian company that has been making accessory zips since 1887. On vintage designs, you can find zipper brands like YKK, DMC, OPTI DMC, Eclair and also Lampo. Newer Chanel designs feature an embossed CC logo versus the zip manufacturer’s logo at the back of the zipper. 


Chanel Chanel Chanel

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