Winners of Redress Design Award 2020

by HULA , September 17, 2020

“Fashion is in crisis. COVID-19 has devastated the business, the balance sheets and is affecting creativity on the drawing board,” says Christina Dean, the founder and chair of Redress and the world’s biggest sustainable design contest — Redress Design Award. Born and made in Hong Kong, the 2020 design award. has produced 2 proud winners this year despite COVID. Carried out online, the Grand Final was live-streamed on the 25th of August. 


Redress Design Award 2020 competition collection

“I have serious concerns with the fashion industry and the quantities of products that are being generated collection after collection. I want to show the public that it is possible to create ethical, circular designs with an emphasis on simplicity.” — Julian Garcia Bello.

Juliana Gracia Bello, the founder of her own brand Garciabello and winner of Redress Design Award for womenswear, took home the award with her minimalistic, easily wearable, and zero-waste collection — HERENCIA. 


Redress Design Award 2020 competition collection

“As one of the largest textile producers and exporters now looking to move into manufacturing, it is crucial that my home country of Vietnam does not make the same mistakes others have in the past for the sake of both our citizens and the environment and to prove that a sustainable apparel industry is entirely possible. I hope to actively take part in the reformation of the local fashion industry.” — Ngoc Ha Thu Le. 

Ngoa Ha Thu Le, winner of the Redress Design Award 2020 menswear. She holds a Higher National Diploma in Fashion and Textile from the London College for Design, and is a designer at Magenta Vintage in Hanoi, Vietnam. Taking inspirations from Japanese-style Americana, Ngoc Ha Thu applied zero-waste pattern design to up-cycles textiles and reconstructed clothing. Her collection is the embodiment of “slow living”, “city boy” and “archive fashion”, together they make the collection — Slow Boy Archive.